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“David helped me quote over $300,000 of new business in the first month, I had to ask him to slow down! - Callum O'Brien

My Services

How Do I Help You?

Using my 8-phase marketing strategy, I help companies like yours multiply their sales in under 90 days and beyond.

How Do I Do It?

The process starts with gaining an understanding of your company, the numbers and your ideal customer.

From there, I help you come up with a "Godfather Offer" and marketing strategy to attract and convert new customers.

Once we have a strategy that works for you? 

That's when we scale to the moon.

“We rebuilt part of our marketing strategy around David's unique approach and skills”

Nyha Shree - Co-Founder & Forbes 30 under 30 Asia

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Using Google AdWords & Facebook Advertising, I help build and run a strategy that finds you new customers at a predictable rate.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

I usually advise to hold off on this until you have a predictable PPC campaign running. Because SEO takes time and money. But when it works your business will EXPLODE

Web Design

Ever visit a website that looks like it's from the 90's? 

Yeah, let's fix that.

Why invest in your marketing?

Ignore The Textbook Advice

Look, most business owners are small minded. I don't want to sound mean, but they see things like ad budgets, marketing costs, etc. as expenses.

They aren't. Every dollar you spend on marketing is an INVESTMENT.

In fact, it's the best investment in the world.

The average stock market increases by about 7% per year. That's $100 into $107.

But with a good advertising strategy? Returns of 100%, 1000% or more are possible. And quickly.

The quickest way to turn your company into a million dollar beast is to invest in marketing. Heavily. 

Sky Rocketing Sales

When you can explode your sales, you can bank that for a rainy day or use it to expand quickly.

Allowing you to secure your financial future and give your family the life both you and they deserve!

Measurable, Trackable

My methods focus heavily on analytics, on tracking and measuring. Why?

Because when you reliably know how much you can earn for every $ invested, you can quickly scale as high as you want

Highest ROI In The World

I've always said, the highest return you can earn for your cash is by investing in yourself.

Specifically, in your business. Don't bother with stocks, bonds or crypto. Invest in your own business first!


What They Say About Me

"David is the best marketing strategist I've worked with. 

Frankly, there's a lot of trash out there, people spamming you trying to sell you crap you don't need.

But working with David has one of the best decisions I ever made, he brought me so much new work I had to ask him to slow down!"

Callum O'Brien

Boutique Landscaper & Business Owner

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My 8 Phase Process

  • 1
    Understand & Identify Your Dream Buyer
  • 2
    Create The Perfect Bait                                 
  • 3
    Capture Leads & Contact Details                
  • 4
    The Godfather Strategy                                 
  • 5
    Traffic Generation                                            
  • 6
    The Magic Lantern Technique                      
  • 7
    Sales Conversion                                             
  • 8
    Multiplication & Automation                         

About me

Hi, I’m David

Hey there, 

My goal in life is to be able to partner with businesses like yours to help them grow and scale. 

I want to create a legacy as a business builder. My dream is to be able to point to this product or that ad and say

"I helped turn that into a multi-million dollar business"

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You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

How the hell does that work?

If I can't get you results in under 90 days, I will refund you every dollar you paid me for my services. That's how confident I am.


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